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Yael Software markets the entire range of Google’s business solutions, including: organizational search solutions, integration and distribution of geographical capabilities, storage and development on cloud platforms, and integration of a suite of productivity apps for office and work stations.

TIBCO is a world leader in the field of business integration software packages that offer solutions for SOA and BPM industries and endeavors. Yael Software is the sole representative of TIBCO products in Israel.

Yael Software is an Oracle partner. A division of Yael Software is dedicated to development using various Oracle technologies, and implementation and integration of Oracle CRM and ERP applications.

Yael Integrated Solutions was awarded Best Service Partner for Dell in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the Service category. Yael Integrated Solutions offers advanced integration and infrastructure solutions which utilize the DELL products line for IT and storage. Yael Integrated Solutions also operates the Logistics warehouse for replacement parts for all DELL systems sold in Israel.

For over 20 years, the Yael Software and IBM partnership has been supplying organizational content management solutions, document archiving solutions, and business processes streamlining and enhancement solutions.

Yael software has extensive experience in developing and integrating a wide variety of technologies based on Microsoft development tools and server technologies. These include: developing BI, .Net, WinForms, WebForms, MS-CMS, and SharePoint based applications, and more.

Global Software
Global Software is the world leader in developing Excel-based analysis and automation tools for the leading ERP systems in the world such as Oracle Applications and SAP. The company’s products are sold in 50+ countries to over 2,500 clients and serves over 50,000 users.

Callflow is an international company dealing in products in the appointment management and booking, sales content and media management fields. Yael is the leading implementer and integrator of Callflow products in Israel.