Itzhak Rachlevsky

Itzhak Rachlevsky  President of Yael Group

Mr. Rachlevsky joined Yael Software in 1984 and has served in a variety of management roles in Yael Software and other members of the Yael Group, such as CEO of Yael Software, CEO of IFN Solutions, and senior VP of Surecomp. Mr. Rachlevsky currently serves as the president of Yael software, active chairman of IFN, and as director of several Yael Group companies. His responsibilities include business administration and development for local and international markets, coordinating and supervising daughter companies’ activities, as well as working with the Yael Group owners and board of directors. Mr. Rachlevsky is a graduate of the IDF computer program, and holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Doron Gigi

Doron Gigi - CEO of Yael Group

Mr. Gigi is the CEO of the Yael Group, which includes: Yael Software and Systems, Yael Integrated Solutions, IFN Solutions, Tulip Information Systems and Actiview. Mr. Gigi’s previous position was at Malam-Team which he joined in 2007 when it acquired Coral Information Systems, a company Mr. Gigi founded and led for many years. Mr. Gigi served in various managerial positions in Malam, most recently as manager of the group’s software development and solutions activities. These activities are among the leading and largest of their kind in Israel, specializing in implementation and integration of business solutions, development methodologies, outsourcing, and management of complex projects.
Doron holds a degree in Mathematics and Computers from the University of Tasmania, Australia.

Amit Dover

Amit Dover – Deputy CEO of the Yael Group and VP of Software at Yael Software 

Mr. Dover has been at Yael Software since 1997. Mr. Dover has served as head of R&D, CTO, head of the Technologies and Products department and VP of the Technologies division. Mr. Dover has overall responsibility for the software solutions offered by the company to its clients. Mr. Dover holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Technion, and an MBA in Business Management and Information Systems from Manchester University.

Nadav Shapir

Nadav Shapir - VP Customers and Business Development at the Yael Group

Nadav Shapir is VP Customers and Business Development at the Yael Group. Nadav is responsible for business development and sales strategy in the Yael Group, and its practical application within the group’s various divisions and activities, with a focus on customer management in a new era. Nadav is also in charge of advancing innovation in the Yael Group in areas such as digitalization, IoT, cloud computing, analytics, machine learning, blockchain technology, and more. Nadav holds a BA in Economics and Management and an MBA from the university of Beer Sheva, and has over 20 years of experience in sales, specifically IT sales. In his previous position, Nadav served as Business Development Manager at Malam Systems for 4 years, and prior to that he served as CEO of Broad Digital for 5 years.

Lior Golan

Lior Golan – VP of Operations and sales at Yael Integrated Solutions

Mr. Golan joined Yael Integrated Solutions in 1994. Yael Integrated Solutions is a daughter company of Yael Group, specializing in hardware and infrastructure solutions. Mr. Golan is responsible for the activities of Yael Integrated Solutions, which include, among others, Dell products service, operations and sales. Prior to his current position, Mr. Golan served in various managerial positions in the company’s acquisition and logistics departments. Mr. Golan holds a practical engineering degree in Industry and Management from the Tel-Aviv College.

Moshe Yavniel

Moshe Yavniel – Deputy CEO of IFN

Mr. Yavniel joined the Yael Group in 2008 as Deputy CEO of IFN. IFN is a daughter company of the Yael Group, specializing in organizational content management and business processes management. Mr. Yavniel brings with him extensive experience in establishing and managing P&L business units for the Telecom and eBusiness industries. Mr. Yavniel is responsible for sales, operations and development at IFN. Prior to joining IFN, Mr. Yavniel served as the Professional Services Business Manager at RADVISION, and prior to that as General Manager of LBS BU in the Comverse Mobile Division and as VP Operations at Elron Telesoft.

Ofir Hazut

Ofir Hazut – VP Outsourcing at Yael Group

Mr. Hazut, by training an industrial and management engineer (B.Sc.), joined the Yael Group as VP Outsourcing following many years of experience in this field. In his current position Mr. Hazut is responsible for the entire group’s consultancy services and professional services activities, as well as the activities of Live Linx, a division of IFN, which provides technical documentation services and products. Before joining the Yael Group, Mr. Hazut served as head of customer services at Cellcom, VP Services and Operations at Bezeq Online, and head of the Taldor outsourcing department’s IT and Operations.

Dror Marom

Dror Marom – CFO at Yael Group

Mr. Marom joined the Yael Group in 2007 as head of Finance, Operations and Logistics. Before joining Yael, Dror served as the comptroller of the Israel branch of Bio-Rad Laboratories. Mr. Marom is a certified public accountant. He holds a BBA in Accounting and Business Management from the School of Business at the College of Management, and an MBA with a specialty in Funding from the Ramat Gan College, the Israeli branch of the Heriot-Watt University.

Dror Har

Dror Har – CEO of Actiview

Dror has joined Actiview in 2010 as a CEO and has joined the Yael group's management team along with Actiview's acquisition by Yael. Dror brings extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Information Management solutions, consulting some of the leading companies both in Israel, USA and globally, specifically in the Finance and Telecom industries. Prior to joining Actiview, Dror was CEO of G-STAT, a leading Data Mining consultancy, where he led the company's growth in sales, solutions & personnel. Prior to G-Stat, Dror led IBM's BI & CRM practice in Israel and IBM Telco Insight initiative globally.

Ilanit Dahan

Ilanit Dahan - VP of Human Resources at Yael Group

Ms. Dahan joined the Yael Group in 2004 first as human resources manager at IFN and then as VP of Human Resources for the entire Yael Group. Ms. Dahan is responsible for the Human Resources division, which manages recruitment, training, welfare and cultural activities in Yael Group. Ms. Dahan holds a BA and MA in social sciences from Bar Ilan University.