About Us

Yael Software and Systems is an integration and IT company established in 1963, and is considered one of the leading system integration companies in Israel. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in development, implementation and training in various environments, and in providing a variety of end-to-end technological solutions.

The Yael Group is the largest private IT company in Israel, specializing in custom software development as well as consultation, guidance and integration of various technological solutions and projects. The group also supplies outsourcing services in a wide range of infrastructure and software fields. One of the major reasons for the successes Yael software has achieved throughout the years is its specialization and solution centers, which provide a solid technological base of professional knowledge, while focusing on partnerships with clients, and maintaining long term reliability and professionalism.


The group includes five companies, each a leader in its field:


Yael Software and Systems - one of the leading integration and IT companies in Israel – the largest company in the group.

Yael Integrated Solutions - Hardware and infrastructure solutions.

IFN Solutions - Marketing, implementation and integration of document management systems, imaging, workflow, and documentation.

Tulip Information Systems - provides consulting and implementation services for ERP, financial and other organizational systems.

Actiview- specializing in BI & Analytics.


In addition, SURECOMP is a group of international companies, which related to Yael and specializes in Global Trade Solutions for Banks and Corporates. The SURECOMP Group operates overseas and has hundreds of installations in large international banks abroad.