IFN - Live Linx Division is a Technical Communication company providing documentation, translation, and other services in Israel for over 25 years, with over 100 customers.
At IFN, our philosophy is simple:
  • Providing high quality documentation
  • Ensuring that it is cost-effective
  • Meeting the most challenging deadlines
We also provide maximum flexibility so that you may choose the work methodology that best suits your needs:
  • Long term positions - we can place one or more writers at your site, or have them dedicated to you, but working from our offices
  • Project based positions - filled by one or more of our writers, either at your site or ours

Our people make the difference

The IFN writing team is made up of experienced, talented, professional writers. Our writers are native English speakers with proven experience in creating technical documents and marketing material. IFN writers have solid technical backgrounds in a variety of fields including data-communication, telephony, network management, optics, semiconductors, medical devices, surveillance, programming, databases, data encryption, financial software, aerospace and military systems, and more. IFN writers participate in our on-going training programs to ensure that they are always up-to-date in the latest documentation trends, and knowledgeable about the newest technologies. Of course, all our writers are friendly and courteous, and will integrate seamlessly into your work environment.

Superior customer service

At IFN, we put special emphasis on serving you. Our writers and project managers are always available and are particularly responsive and sensitive to your content, quality, and scheduling needs. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our complete transparency. We provide regular detailed reports to ensure that you know exactly what project elements we’re working on and what costs to expect.
As one of the largest and most experienced companies in the field, we take pride in our advanced methodologies, highly skilled personnel, and custom tailored approach to each and every one of our demanding clients.
We will be happy to arrange a short meeting with you, at your convenience, either by phone or in person, to assess your requirements and offer you the most appropriate solution.