The outsourcing division of Yael Software helps its customers accomplish their business goals by the placement of first rate professionals and by providing additional professional services in a variety of areas. The division’s wide range of services, its size and extensive experience, enable us to provide our customers with the best possible service in software and hardware, whether through outsourcing or via pinpoint consultation.



The Division’s areas of activity include:

  • Outsourcing – placing designated software consultants and specialists - in all development environments and in the hardware and infrastructure fields.
  • Out tasking – Exclusive maintenance of an organization’s data systems, while assuming complete responsibility for the full range of maintenance and development activity.
  • Comprehensive management of an organization’s systems and infrastructure, at SLA standards and with a full warranty.

Specialization centers:

Yael Software’s outsourcing division guarantees the best comprehensive solution to its clients by combining specialists and consultants who manage specialized information centers. The specialization centers provide the technological teams placed at customer locations with ongoing guidance and professional support based on the accumulative experience and know-how of the entire organization. The division provides consultation and outsourcing services and for scores of years has been developing and cultivating specialists in the various software and hardware fields: senior project managers, system analysts, JAVA, MS and NET architects, QA specialists, Oracle DBA, DRP and communication specialists, system infrastructure specialists, MS site management, conversion and upgrade specialists, Help Desk and SMB. The division also has sector specialists: banking and finance, medicine, defense, high tech, telecommunications, trade, etc. By combining consultants and specialists whose expertise lies in technological information development, finding new solutions, and providing professional guidance, we give our customers a business and competitive edge, a technological upgrade, and a quick ROI.

The long term success of the Yael’s outsourcing division is based on the following main components:

Highly knowledgeable and experienced technological teams
  • Professional guidance provided by specialists and consultants from Yael Software’s Information Centers
  • Ongoing support provided by the development team, to help provide solutions to complicated processes
  • Meticulous quality assurance according to ISO 6001 standards

These components assure a significant reduction in learning, implementation, and integration time, and enable providing the best solution within the timetable and goals.