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In today’s digital landscape, enterprise content management (ECM) is a pivotal concept. It encompasses a suite of processes and technologies, forming the backbone of business documents management workflow. This workflow is designed to collect, archive, publish, and manage vast amounts of data.

Modern organizations, irrespective of their size, harbor extensive data. They store documents, pictures, eMails  across various business process management systems. Managing this data throughout the document lifecycle is achieved using advanced business process management software and business process management tools.

For optimal business efficiency and consistent enhancement of results, our experts fuse their expertise into solutions. They employ intelligent business process management systems and business process management bpm software to automate myriad business operations, refining manual tasks.

IFN by Yael Group, ranked as #1 of TIER1 ECM vendors in the Israeli market by STKI, the leading IT Analyst in Israel. Based on IBM Filenet suite of products, IFN team champions the essence of accessible data and astute organizational content and process management, forming the bedrock for superior business practices.

Recognizing these as the pillars of enhanced business practices, our projects merge enterprise content management system tools with automated OCR, RPA and data collection tools. This synergy propels organizations to achieve their zenith and elevate their success.

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Our Solutions

Document Management

Documents are the lifeblood of organizational information flow. Immense resources are channeled into crafting document collaboration and document text search solutions. At IFN, a subsidiary of the Yael Group, our rich 30 years experience positions us to present top-tier document management system provider services. Our offerings range from innovations by industry leaders to our proprietary document management UI/UX software developments. Tailored for the Israeli market, our solutions ensure regulatory compliance and extend to cloud and mobile platforms. They encompass cloud document management, electronic document management system tools, and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Specializing in content analytics, our expertise in enterprise content management (ECM) shines. We seamlessly integrate text search engine solutions for content identification and in-depth analysis. This equips organizational leaders with a comprehensive view of their data, facilitating real-time insights using cutting-edge content analytics tools. Our state-of-the-art solutions can pinpoint data from diverse sources, classify, retrieve, and analyze it. With analytics content grouping, we grant tailored access as needed, ensuring data is always at the fingertips of those who need it.
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Harnessing the power of business automation services, we empower organizations to streamline their operations. Our automation tools for business make processes efficient, precise, and cost-effective. By melding advanced automated business solutions with our document management expertise, we position organizations at the digital vanguard. This transformation ensures they prioritize core business objectives over routine tasks, leveraging the best in business process management.
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Content Collection

Content Collection

RPA & Content Collection Robotic solutions, including OCR systems and Hebrew OCR, are designed to enhance repetitive tasks. These OCR systems seamlessly integrate human actions with existing systems, optimizing processes. At IFN, we cater to all data collection needs, merging human interventions with advanced archiving solutions. This synergy ensures enhanced business performance and swift regulatory compliance, all within tight timelines.
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Scanning &

Scanning & Indexing

Scanning & Indexing IFN's industrial scanning solutions facilitate intricate scans of voluminous documents, be it contracts, invoices, or other business documents. With our digital scanning solution for the manufacturing industry, we ensure efficient management aligned with client-specific categorizations. From scan industry techniques to precise indexing processes, we prioritize swift information retrieval.
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Desktop Management IFN rolls out diverse document management solutions tailored for sectors like municipal offices, executive spaces, and law firms. Our offerings streamline document and data management, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Utilizing advanced technologies, our projects deliver top-tier document management system provider services. This encompasses document sharing, tagging, storage, distribution, local scanning, efficient approval process management, and rapid data retrieval, all while integrating seamlessly with leading cloud document management systems.
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Documentation & Technical Writing

Documentation & Technical Writing

Live Linx provides detail-oriented technical writing, documentation, and translation services, while taking measures to understand the technological products behind the written words. Up and running for the past 20 years, the company employs the best technical writers in Israel. We work on projects from all fields – telcom, high-tech, start-ups, medicine, biotechnology, aviation, security, and others – ensuring that our highly-experienced team creates robust, positive images of each organization.
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& Advantages

30 years of experience; 40 experts; and 50 ECM/BPM customers
Tens of business automation processes implemented within large Israeli organizations
Leaders in the Israeli ICM space, 12 years running (according to a poll formulated by STKI)
The integration of content management and business automation, to achieve maximal organizational efficiency



Eran Guttman
Information Systems Manager at Shikun & Binui
“Upon assimilating the system, we implemented an organizational platform for the sharing of information, documents, and work processes, which enabled the organization to increase its efficiency, as compared to our previous paper trail-based work results. IFN’s system will improve accessibility to our collection of construction documents – for the organization’s employees, as well as for those customers who purchase apartments through Shikun & Binui.”
Ofer Hen
VP Information Systems, Shomera Insurance Co. Ltd.
“The document management system that was established within Shomera’s Legal department is the first step in establishing local, user-managed archives. This approach will enable mechanized management of sensitive and unclear documents with flexibility and efficiency, while reducing the load placed on the Scanning and Indexing unit.”
Yaron Yahav
Chief Information Officer, Ramat Gan Municipality
“As part of the process of executing our municipal vision and strategy, we decided to implement and assimilate the Document Management Solution across all of the municipality’s departments. The project will enable the municipality to centralize its internal and resident-facing document management in a highly mechanized and digital way. The project will allow for greater, faster, and more focused accessibility to necessary information.”

Our Team

Moshe (Chicco) Yavniel

EVP at Yael Group, IFN Division Manager

Omer Nachmias

Development Manager at IFN

Moshe Elbaz

Infrastructure Manager at IFN

Meital Refael

Product Manager at IFN

Ziv Sela

System Manager at IFN

Yuli Kaplan

Development Team Lead at IFN

Shraga Zaiger

Project Manager

Dan shnaiderman

Project Manager

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