About Us

Yael Group’s expertise extends to all technological fields, leading the Group to lead IT projects for organizations from all industries and sectors, including the fields of information security and cyber. We integrate consulting and guidance services from cyber and security experts, with the use of solutions developed by the information security market’s leading manufacturers. All this, to provide Israeli entities with the best possible response to concerns pertaining to access control, usage, exposure, disruption, duplication or destruction of information or information systems by unauthorized or malicious sources, confidentiality, and the wholeness and availability of said information, independent of its nature or storage type – physical or digital.
Smartsoft, Yael Group’s information security division, acquired Triad Security, an information security and cyber company, in order to expand its solutions portfolio for enterprises. The Group offers comprehensive management of large and complex security projects to Israeli and international companies and organizations from all industries. This, in addition to a whole world of tools, solutions, and ongoing professional consulting and guidance, from information security and cyber experts.
Triad Security’s expert consultants provide consulting services in the fields of application security, penetration testing, application-level assessments, risk assessments of organizations’ infrastructure and cloud environments, secure architecture, Red Teaming services, compliance with standards and regulations, compliance with legal requirements in local and global markets, and CISO as a Service.
The company offers its services to government, high-tech, institutional, banking & finance, healthcare, security, and other entities, in Israel and abroad

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Our Solutions


Application Security

Our expertise extends to working with fixed application security methodologies, so as to help the organization as a whole, as well as information and cyber security officers, in particular, cope with existing and re-emerging threats to the organization’s applications. This, while continuous improving relevant organizational and business processes.
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Infrastructure Security

Our approach to the field of infrastructure security focuses on exposing weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This, so as to supply an accurate portrait of the state of the organization’s infrastructure, as compared to industry benchmarks. We offer organizations from all fields access to surveys that include multiple types of tests, which can be selected to meet each organization’s individual infrastructure security needs: infrastructure penetration testing, hardening tests, organizational architecture testing, security system hardening surveys, etc.
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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Security

In recent years, organizations from various sectors have been undergoing intensive migration processes to cloud and hosting environments. These processes come part in parcel with a series of regulations and requirements, to ensure their security. Our teams of experts at Triad Security, a Yael Group subsidiary, possess vast knowledge and experience in securing cloud environments, and are fluent in providing service that includes secure surveys and architecture for various cloud and hosting environments, for some of the market’s leading manufacturers/vendors.
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CISO as-a-Service

Organizations seeking to create stable, managed organizational environments are forced to cope with various information and cyber security challenges. We offer our customers CISO-as-a-Service solutions to manage their information and cyber security as an ongoing service, while establishing, leading, and managing their own organizational security systems. These solutions are provided in-full or partially (according to the customer’s request), and can also be provided as a completely outsourced service.
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Risk, Standards,
& Regulatory Management

Risk, Standards, & Regulatory Management

In an ever-changing regulatory reality, decentralized organizations must ensure that their business processes are in full compliance with relevant security requirements. We offer our customers a plan for assimilating organizational processes and creating an organized approach to information and cyber security. We also help organization’s attain their desired security level, manage the risk and gap mitigation process, and comply with required standards and regulations.
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& Advantages

One stop shop for organizational security needs, on technological, procedural, and strategic levels
Objective consulting services that are independent of any particular brand or manufacturer
Deep knowledge of most advanced security tools produced by the market’s leading manufacturers
Attribution and guidance throughout application security projects
Management of communications infrastructure security projects – on-prem or in the cloud
Consulting on cyber security and protection during cloud migration processes
Consulting on the adoption of/compliance with standards and regulations pertaining to the fields of information security and cyber protection

Our Team

Naor Moreno

Co-founder & CEO, Triad

Avi Orenstein

Co-founder & CTO, Triad

Tal Argoni

Co-founder & Appsec, Triad

Kobi Bachar

Regulations head, Triad