About Us

Yael Software Solutions is Yael Group’s most veteran division. It was established in 1963, together with Yael Software, before the company expanded into Yael Group.
The division includes several companies – CloudTech, NetCloud, and realcommerce – each a leader in its field, as well as two additional departments: the Business Platforms department, which specializes in integration solutions and API management; and the Business Applications department, which specializes in Oracle’s business applications, as well as the development of ERP/CRM applications and other dedicated solutions for Callflow-based appointment booking.
Yael Software Solutions manages large and complex enterprise-level projects within Yael Group, providing clients with comprehensive solutions that run the gamut of software specializations – exactly what businesses need to succeed.
The division includes approximately 500 employees, leads in the fields of innovation, digital transformation, cloud, and integration, and collaborates with other knowledge centers within the Group to provide its customers with holistic, tailor-made solutions.
The division’s team of experts possesses vast knowledge and years of experience in the field. This enables Yael Group to lead the Israeli market, with respect to projects for entities across fields, from government offices and public entities, to healthcare organizations, financial institutions, security and defense companies, and others.
The division’s success is the direct result of its long-term partnerships with its clients and a deep familiarity with the market, as well as its ongoing innovative processes, and consistent use of premier technological solutions.

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& Activities


CloudTech by Yael Group is a leading Salesforce partner that specializes in defining, implementing, and assimilating solutions into the software giant’s cloud platform, for enterprise companies. Our team of experts enables CloudTech to lead the Israeli market, with respect to projects for entities across fields – government offices, large wholesalers, communications corporations, insurance and finance groups, pharmaceutical companies, and others. Our team also manages projects that include consulting and assimilation, with a specialization in the various modules – service, marketing, finances, and portals. This partnership connects Salesforce’s strong yet flexible platform with CloudTech, enabling the company to serve as a strong partner that knows its ecosystem and how to integrate its tools, as well as the myriad of solutions that interface with it – Tableau analytics, Mulesoft, or Commerce Cloud integrations, Vlocity segment solutions, and others – to create a 360-degree solution for each client.
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Realcommerce, a Yael Group subsidiary, is one of the foremost Israeli companies in the field of website and mobile application development. The company was established in 1999 as a web and mobile technology development company, and has been behind the development of first-tier digital projects across Israel, since the internet first entered our lives. Realcommerce’s strength stems directly from its employees’ human capital, as well as from a quality-first approach to its product development. The result of this policy is an excellent development team that’s capable of successfully executing the smartest, most complex systems. Of all the elements that go into developing digital products, Realcommerce focuses on technological development, understanding that the digital medium is technological in nature, and that technology directly influences all of a winning digital product’s components: user experience, speed, stability, errors, and product lifecycle.
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NetCloud by Yael Group specializes in accompanying, consulting, and assimilating NetSuite ERP in Israel and around the world, with a focus on full localization. NetSuite serves as a full SaaS ERP solution that includes all of the organization’s departments, from sales and marketing to finance, and provides a complete financial solution that paints a full picture of the company’s organizational processes, empowering smart business decision-making. NetCloud provides consulting, implementation, and assimilation services that integrate vast practical knowledge and a deep familiarity with innovative technologies, to provide clients with the solutions they need, at the stage they’re in, from requirement definition, through development, and to the implementation and integration of additional systems. NetCloud is a leader in the formulation, implementation, and assimilation of IT strategies for a wide variety of ERP technologies that are already on the market. Our ERP experts possess unique management capabilities and business proficiency, and they integrate set methodologies with vast experience to pave the way toward any project’s success. The company provides a full suite of services that meet any client’s IT/computing needs, while recruiting entire teams, as well as senior management teams, to manage projects best.
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Business Platforms

Yael Group’s Business Platforms department members possess vast experience and a specialization in leading integration projects for public and private entities across the Israeli economy. Our decades of experience span leading complex, successful processes across conversion, upgrade, and cloud migration projects, and our tens of experts enable organizations of all types to benefit from close, professional guidance throughout the entirety of each project. When we manage integration projects, we serve as full partners during the definition and strategy-building processes, as well as during the selection of correct integration tools. We consult and guide on any need, at any stage, and are committed to the process in its entirety, while paying attention to the dynamics and changes taking place within the organization, as well as to those changes taking place within the cloud and technology spaces. Our experts guide clients through cloud integration, API management, data integration, and open banking processes, exposing organizations to innovative technologies, while creating flexible yet managed organizational infrastructure that serves as a central process management platform.
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CloudNow is Yael Group’s cloud branch, which offers organizations in Israel advanced cloud services, including cloud migration services. The integration of decades of business experience with a myriad of traditional technologies, combined with high-level, proven capabilities using innovative technologies for cloud and digital transformation projects, is what makes us the preferred choice of many organizations in the local market. CloudNow is involved in the management of many projects that integrate the most advanced cloud technologies with the organization’s existing technologies to create a hybrid cloud. The company also engages in large-scale projects that include full or gradual migration to the cloud, as well as a series of services that aid in the migration process. CloudNow team members specialize in guiding, consulting, and implementing cloud infrastructure, as well as in providing cloud, planning, architecture, consulting, cost management, migration, security, and automation services. Combining forces with the Group’s various areas of expertise, the company enables organizations to develop and build infrastructure, applications, digital applications, and APIs, integrate them into on-premise systems, and leverage cloud-based analytics and BI tools.
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Business Applications

The Business Applications department within Yael Group’s Software division possesses many years of experience in implementing Oracle (ERP/CRM) business systems in large and complex projects, across a variety of modules. Our highly-technological/technical team members work on projects together with professionals, such as accountants, engineers, and industry experts, to help define the business process. Yael’s ERP experts manage the ERP process from the analysis and definition stage to the project’s implementation and assimilation, and integration into projects, where all of the system’s modules are used. Additionally, the department specializes in implementing appointment booking solutions enabling better appointment management, reduced wait times, and enhanced client satisfaction. The solutions can be assimilated across all architecture and complexity levels, to better manage appointments made in advance as well as walk-ins – physical or virtual – using the organization’s server, or as a cloud service.
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& Advantages

Deep knowledge of the local market and various sectors of the industry
High-level, proven, market-leading integration capabilities
Facilitating organizations’ cloud migration and digital transformation processes
Leading complex, large-scale projects for enterprises, while meeting budgetary requirements and deadlines
Managing projects with maximum transparency, while optimizing the organization’s business potential
Ongoing business relationships with the world’s leading software solution providers
A team of experts possessing vast knowledge and experience in cloud fields, as well as in local and global projects



Division Management

Amit Dover

Deputy CEO of Yael Group,
Software Solutions Division Head

Rabia Mansour

Senior Architect

Sharon Koren

CEO of Realcommerce

Tal Kisilevich

CloudTech CEO

Idan Heruti

Director of the BP Division

Carmit Shiffer

HR Manager

Eyal Greifner

Netcloud CO-CEO

Amir Omri

Netcloud CO-CEO

Ofer Chen

Director of the BA Division