Yael Group is one of Israel’s leading IT groups. We specialize in providing technological solutions for large organizations, while implementing and integrating leading software and hardware products. For over half a century, Yael Group’s success and growth have been underpinned by ongoing innovation, a wealth of professional experience, and devoted, client-facing service. We listen closely to our clients’ needs, and turn each solution that we provide them into a value-generating asset – one reason why our customers keep returning. With a workforce of over 1,500, Yael Group comprises several sector-focused technological companies, employing numerous expert software engineers, system architects, developers and integrators in all dev environments, project managers, and infrastructure and hardware experts.


software solutions

Software Solutions

Yael’s Software Solutions division focuses on providing leading value-added software solutions to meet our customers’ business needs. Some of the software solutions we specialize in include ERP, BI, SOA, CRM, knowledge management and analysis solutions, as well as cloud and mobile solutions.

hardware solutions

Hardware Solutions

Yael Integrated Solutions is the infrastructures and hardware division of the Yael Group. The company supplies a host of advanced solutions for storage, backup, communications, server, work stations, PCs, laptops and screens. The company also provides technical service and support for the variety of Dell products marketed in Israel.

Cluod - פתרונות ענן

Cloud Solutions

CloudNow is the Yael Group's cloud solution/platform, which focuses on providing solutions to clients who are considering, planning, or actively moving to the cloud. CloudNow is characterized by providing the most professional solution while keeping costs low and giving both fast and targeted services backed by a leading company. This enables you to focus on your core business.

content management

Document and Content Management

IFN, a member of the Yael Group, is the leading company in leveraging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) systems for improved, streamlined business performance. IFN represents IBM Analytics products, and supplies installation, development and support services for IBM's ECM products.

Digital and internet

Digital and Internet

The Yael Group's digital and internet solutions focus on providing organizations with solutions that include building complex applications, websites and portals, which combine a novel and attractive look with the most advanced technological tools and standards.

BI and Analytics

BI & Analytics

Actiview, of the Yael Group, deals with consultancy for, and implementation of, BI and Analytics systems, such as: Big Data, data warehouses and infrastructure, marketing solutions such as Marketing Automation, integrative design solutions including budgeting, human resource design, sales, etc. In Actiview, a group of Data Scientists assist organizations to analyze the statistics and to improve the business operations based on data analysis. Actiview has a U.S. branch which provides services in that region.

Implementing Financial Solutions

Implementing Financial Solutions

Tulip Information Systems of the Yael Group provides consulting and integration services for ERP systems, financial data systems, and other organizational data systems. The company's essential advantage is in providing data system solutions which best meet the client's business needs and goals while keeping within schedule and within budget.

Consultancy and Outsourcing

Consultancy and Outsourcing

The outsourcing division of the Yael Group provides outsourcing services in a variety of formats and scopes, from integrating experts where needed through taking full responsibility for managing an organization's IT division, to managing all of an organization's business processes using a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model. The division's extensive experience and size enable us to offer our clients better services, freeing them to focus on their core business.

Translation, Technical writing and Documentation

Translation, Technical writing & Documentation

IFN - Live Linx Division provides a variety of solutions and services in the fields of Technical Communication (Documentation, Helps, Videos, and more) and Translation, upholding the highest and most exacting professional standards, using only the best Technical Writers who work together with you through every step of the process, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Information Security

Information Security

The Yael Group provides a variety of advanced solutions in the field of Information Security, produced by world-leading software and hardware companies. In addition, the Yael Group employs a variety of highly experienced experts in the field of Information Security.

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