About Us

Yael Group presently offers Israeli organizations a selection of advanced cloud and cloud migration services. The combination of decades of business activities with scores of traditional technologies and a high-level, proven track record of success with innovative technologies across cloud and digital transformation projects, is what leads many organizations in the local market to work with us. CloudNow is Yael Group’s division that specializes in cloud infrastructure, as well as in consulting, development, and support services. It oversees many projects that integrate the most advanced cloud technologies with organizations’ existing technologies – hybrid cloud solutions – as well as large-scale projects that include full or gradual cloud migration. This, alongside a series of services to optimize the migration process.
The CloudNow team is made up of experts in consulting, guidance, and implementation of cloud infrastructure, as well as in providing cloud, planning, architecture, consulting, cost management, migration, security, and automation services. The Group’s various specialists join forces to enable organizations to develop and build infrastructure, applications, digital applications, and APIs that are integrated with on-premises systems. They additionally leverage cloud-based analytics and BI tools to drive optimal results.

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Our Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting

Step by step, we guide organizations as they venture into the cloud, from planning their cloud strategy to its execution. Our cloud consulting services include cloud migration planning, as well as the planning of selective solutions to run the cloud system optimization services and applications, the tightening of security circles, FinOps, disaster recovery, system back-ups, and the management of various types of cloud projects.
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Cloud DevOps

The field of DevOps includes the automation of IT operations, and is based on CI/CD processes, ongoing monitoring and integration, continuous distribution, and the assimilation of infrastructure and software applications throughout the development lifecycle. Our services include Container-based Microservice Management on Kubernetes, the building of Cloud Native applications, and advanced open code tools.
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Cloud Migration

Many organizations prefer managing their own cloud migrations, while some prefer a hybrid model, through which we build the cloud infrastructure, and others prefer to hand over the entire task (and its responsibility) to us, so they aren’t burdened with its infrastructural or technological management. Regardless of the model you choose, we are here to help you enjoy the best possible cloud migration process – from handling the infrastructure, through support, monitoring, and alerting, and to full service management.
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& Advantages

Guidance throughout cloud and digital transformation projects
Scalable cloud resource management, to meet organizations’ unique needs
Expertise in various cloud specialties: IaaS, PaaS, Saas, etc.
Vast experience in integrating cloud solutions into organizations’ existing systems – hybrid cloud
Cloud security auditing compliance capabilities
FinOps services
Advance cloud budgeting and management – no hidden fees!
Deep understanding and experience in integrating backup systems with cloud architecture
Monitoring and control processes and cloud alerting specifications, according to each organization’s needs
Ongoing customer service and support