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Financial institutions around the world spend tens of millions of dollars a year on regulatory compliance (it is estimated that roughly 70 billion dollars are spent on regulatory compliance each year in the US alone). In recent years, the regulatory environment has developed without pause, and technological regulatory compliance solutions have become must-haves. Various companies are developing innovative technological tools to automate regulatory compliance processes, and are helping organizations improve said processes, reduce associated costs, enhance inter-organizational alignment, and, as a result, fulfill the needs of regulators and end customers alike.

The technological solutions that were born to enable enterprises, financial institutions, and fintech companies to comply with relevant regulations rely on big data, machine learning, and smart algorithms, and facilitate regulatory compliance that includes continuous scanning, monitoring, evaluations of, and reporting on the business environment and compliance processes. This, in addition to the automation of processes and control mechanisms, so as to provide a competitive advantage over the competition, a better customer experience, and the ability to develop products based on advanced technologies that allow rapid, yet flexible response to changes in regulation, as well as within organizations.

Yael Group has developed advanced technological solutions that meet this need. These include innovative technologies that enable customers to switch banks online, report credit information to the Bank of Israel to receive a credit score (as a private customer), open banking solutions, and regulatory solutions for iXBRL, XBRL, and SOX. Based on smart and future-forward technologies, our solutions precisely respond to regulatory requirements, while injecting much-needed flexibility, efficiency, and customer service into the organization’s customer-facing interactions.

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Our Solutions

Banking Mobility Management

One of the technological solutions that was recently developed within the data space was created by Yael Group, for the purpose of serving banking entities. Presently, our solution for quickly switching accounts from bank to bank is considered revolutionary within the banking industry, thanks to its ability to ensure compliance with the relevant banking and credit-related regulations outlined in the 2019 reform put out by the Bank of Israel and the Finance Ministry, and keep the customer front and center, so that they can simply and easily switch banks, and benefit from the industry’s free and open competition.
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Credit Data

Another consumer revolution is related to the Credit Data Law for the Accessibility of Banking Activities. A fundamental element of the law pertains to “credit databases,” and regulates how customer information and data can be shared by financial entities. The Credit Data Law establishes how the data is collected and managed, and comes part in parcel with a whole slew of regulations. To ensure our customers successfully comply with the law, Yael Group developed the Activio system, which provides full technological support for all credit data collection and reporting activities.
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Open Banking

Applying a new business perspective requires organizations to be able to transfer customers’ financial information – with their consent – to third parties. The perspective based on the Berlin Standard is called open banking. It requires that financial entities adapt their technological infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulatory demands. Yael Group’s experts provide these organizations with the solutions they need to secure regulatory compliance, and guide them throughout their implementation.
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SOX & Risk Management

Yael Group’s consulting and guidance services enable companies to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley standard, which regulates control over business processes within an organization. The service is provided by skilled professionals and enables organizations to adopt the standard while benefiting from alerts on failures, risk and control definitions, internal effectiveness testing, and the optimization of the entire business process.
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XBRL Reporting

Yael Group is staffed with experts who accompany organizations through their adoption of the XBRL standard for precise financial reporting, which requires in-depth knowledge and experience in coding language, upon which the standard is based. Yael Group’s experts are fluent in the financial world’s main standards, and help organizations meet regulatory requirements and gain an advantage in the very competitive financial world.
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