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“A satisfied customer will let one or two friends know (about their positive experience), while a disappointed customer will tell anyone and everyone they meet.” Technology has penetrated this world as well, helping companies significantly improve their customer experiences and grow their customer base. Technological systems that manage the customer’s experience have become the bread and butter of any business looking to succeed.
When it comes to the fields of CRM and customer experience, massive amounts of technological resources are invested, with a focus on the end user and customer. All this, in order to optimize the organization’s interactions with its customers, throughout the sales funnel – across marketing, sales, and service activities, and in their integration. These solutions paint a full picture of the customer persona and offer an integrated package of cloud applications that include CRM, marketing automation, customer service, and a full digital experience.
Here, leading solutions are implemented: Mendix, Oracle Siebel, Salesforce, and Oracle CX, which Yael Group integrates into the CRM and CX projects it leads for government, technology, finance, healthcare, academic, consumer, and other organizations. These solutions are considered the most comprehensive in the world of customer relations and customer experience management, thanks to their high customization capabilities that enable full coverage of all customer management processes within an organization.
This comprehensive series of solutions is what allows the Group to serve as Israel’s leading supplier and the perfect partner for entities undergoing customer-facing technological processes, and bring the next generation of digital solutions to all segments of the market.

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Solutions & Specialties


The Salesforce platform tops the industry’s charts as one of the best, cloud-based customer relations management solutions to be integrated into organizations’ digital processes. Our Salesforce-based projects are led by CloudTech, a Yael Group subsidiary. We integrate the platform’s various modules and comprehensive solutions into our activities. This includes complementary solutions. CloudTech has vast experience in assimilating Salesforce into innovative, customer data-based projects.
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Mendix - Low Code Platform

In an era that focuses on customer experience, platforms for developing Low Code have become extremely important, thanks to their ability to quickly develop applications in rich and broad development environments. Low Code tool for development is done using templates, schematic operational processes, and the repeat use of components. It enables flexibility and rapid transitions to digital applications and processes. In this way, the customer experience is able to be enhanced and personalized.
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Yael Group offers a variety of Oracle solutions for customer management, including Oracle Siebel and Oracle CX – advanced, comprehensive systems that include sales, marketing, service, and other modules, and can be customized according to each industry and sector’s needs. Yael experts have vast knowledge on solutions for…
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& Advantages

Leading of large-scale CRM and CX projects, for large organizations
Project management – from the strategic planning stage and while integrating all of the organization’s other systems
Vast experience with the Salesforce and Oracle ecosystems, including integration tools, analytics, and complementary solutions
Integration of various modules within the marketing, service, and finance fields, for cloud projects
CRM and customer experience experts with extensive experience and familiarity with large organizations that operate within the cloud space, locally and globally
Leading of low-code-based projects using Mendix’s solution for large organizations