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The CRM domain – Customers Relations Management is a complete technological world under which the various technological systems dealing with managing customer relations are united, One of the most advanced, innovative and visionary CRM systems on the Cloud in the world is Salesforce. Recently, Salesforce has transformed from a system to a holistic platform and today it is considered as a global leader and a strong player in the variety of solutions of CRM domain . The Salesforce platform, which is distinguished as a leader in the global ranking tables, allows organizations to connect with their customers in efficient and sophisticated ways, offer them a new and advanced customer experience and form an infrastructure for innovative projects, in which the customer is at the center.

CloudTech by Yael Group is a leading partner of Salesforce and specializes in the design and implementation of solutions on the Salesforce cloud platform for enterprise and small-medium business projects. Our teams of experts, who have comprehensive knowledge and many years of experience, enable CloudTech to lead the Israeli market in projects in all the major sectors of the economy, including Government, insurance and finance, real estate, hi-tech, pharma, and manage projects that include consulting and implementation, with specialization in the various modules – service, marketing, finance and portals. This partnership connects Salesforce’s powerful and flexible platform with CloudTech as a strong integrator familiar with the eco-system and knows how to integrate variety of tools and the set of solutions that interface with it – Tableau’s analytics, Mulesoft’s or Commerce Cloud’s integration, Salesforce Industries’ vertical solutions and more to create a 360 degree view for the customer.

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Salesforce Modules

Our team of experts leads Salesforce-based technology projects for business and public entities, across sectors. Our services include consulting, attribution, assimilation, and a specialization in portals and service, marketing, and financial modules. We are experts in adapting our various solutions to different organizational needs, so as to empower each and every organization to lead, within a highly competitive market.
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Salesforce Projects

Salesforce, considered a powerful player in the customer management solutions space, enables organizations to smartly connect to their customers, offer them advanced customer experiences, and effectively communicate with them, to generate added value. CloudTech, a Yale Group subsidiary and a golden Salesforce partner, offers rich experience and a deep familiarity with the Salesforce environment and its ecosystem.
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Salesforce Multi Cloud

Salesforce Multi-Cloud is a cloud solution that allows organizations to integrate and manage different Salesforce modules in one unified platform. By integrating various Salesforce modules, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and more, you can break down barriers between sales, marketing and customer service teams, and provide a better customer experience. Salesforce Multi Cloud enables: Seamless integration, holistic View of Customers, Agility and Innovation.
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Outsourcing for Salesforce

We offer outsourcing services for the implementation of Salesforce which will be carried out by a team of experts with rich knowledge and experience in the various modules of Salesforce. As part of our outsourcing services, we provide: requirement analysis and design according to the company's needs, implementation of the system according to the designed solution and training for the company's employees so that they can use the system effectively.
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Sector-specific Expertise

Our experts know how to match the right response to each organization’s business goals, when working on Salesforce-based projects with entities across most industry sectors. This includes enterprise entities launching cloud projects that need expert consultants to work with them in maximum transparency, understand the sector’s needs, and match the ideal solution to see that they’re fulfilled.
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Salesforce Integrations

Our rich experience in integrations between systems, information, processes, and people includes proven experience working on large and complex projects, advanced training, and certification in TIBCO and Mulesoft. The integration solutions that we assimilate within our projects enable us to easily connect Salesforce to any system – on premise or in the cloud – and boost any organization’s digital transformation processes.
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Analytics with Salesforce

Tableau, a company acquired by Salesforce, specializes in Business Intelligence and data analysis applications, enabling Salesforce and its customers to access more solutions in the fields of sales, marketing, and support. Yael Group’s knowledge of the BI world enables us to manage Salesforce-based projects, while benefiting from a full image and understanding of the customer and its needs.
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PDO for Salesforce AppExchange

As a Salesforce PDO partner, we provide all onboarding services to the AppExchange marketplace. If you are a product company and wish to become an AppExchange partner, we will accompany you throughout the life cycle of product development and guide you through all milestones and engagements of the process with Salesforce with a qualified team specializing in market review, MVP construction, transportation and application development.
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Complementary Solutions

At CloudTech, our teams of experts integrate unique complementary tools and solutions at the forefront of cloud technology into the projects they lead. These enable us to access and provide advanced capabilities, such as meeting and email synchronization by connecting on premise email servers to cloud systems, connecting cloud backup solutions to data and metadata backup solutions to create interactive forms and digital signatures, and Salesforce’s data security solutions.
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Data Security Standards

Salesforce Shield security solution is part of Salesforce’s value-adding offering. It is an advanced tool that enables the platform to comply with stringent international data security standards, and provides enterprises with an especially high level of protection, for all their organizational data. All this, while maintaining transparency, real-time data monitoring, ongoing monitoring of application and data usage, sensitive data encryption, and more.
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& Advantages

Leading Salesforce-based cloud transition projects for enterprise entities
Project management with complete transparency, managing economic feasibility and maximizing business potential
Integrating Salesforce Lightning tools for projects including advanced UX and UI features
Teams of experts with extensive knowledge and experience with local and global cloud computing projects
Integration of various modules in marketing, service and financial sectors with organizational cloud projects
In-depth knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem with skills and expertise that incorporate the multitude of tools and solutions that interface with the system
Integration of advanced Salesforce security tools for organizations across sectors

Our Team

Tal Kisilevich

CloudTech CEO

Etty Ohayon

VP Projects at CloudTech

Arik Mifano

VP Sales at CloudTech

Lior Hashemieh

VP Operations & Delivery at CloudTech

9 Atir Yeda St., floor No. 1, Kfar Saba, Tel. 09-7639420