About Us

Yael Infrastructure specializes in advanced infrastructure and hardware solutions that are integrated into project’s planning, service, and maintenance stages. Namely, Yael Infrastructure provides consulting, project management, and integration services, as pertaining to infrastructure. The division offers solutions for storage, backup support, communication, servers, screens, laptops, and more. Our tens of technicians and technical teams undergo intensive international certification processes, and provide comprehensive services and technical support on complex projects that integrate hardware and software.

At the center of our operations are Dell solutions, considered to be at the forefront of today’s global market, in terms of computing product rankings. These solutions integrate an exceptionally high level of quality control, are technologically rich, meet the most stringent quality standards, and offer organizations easy assimilation, convenient maintenance/upkeep and operation, innovative technology, and simple management. They all include traditional and innovative storage solutions, hybrid products that combine on-premises and cloud technology, servers of all kinds – for network cabinets, small offices, server farms, PC products, storage and backup solutions, graphic work stations, leading screens, and more.

As authorized Dell product importers and the global company’s local sales contact, Yael Infrastructure leads the market in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertise, as well as in terms of our ability to offer high levels of quality, thanks to our unique partnership with the company. Our operations are end customer and OEM customer-facing, and we provide lab and support services nationwide, as well as to the customer’s front door. This, alongside running Dell’s logistics warehouse, known as the ‘HUB,’ in Israel. We provide attribution, guidance, management, and infrastructure project execution services from end-to-end. We assume complete responsibility for your organization’s information systems’ infrastructure and maintenance, provide solutions and support for all work environments and servers – Microsoft, Linux, UNIX, etc. -, in addition to advanced virtualization solutions, technological consulting, SLA compliance (in accordance with each customer’s needs), ISO 9001 compliance, 24-hour service across managerial and operational levels, and complementary IT solutions (storage, information security, communications, etc.). All this, based on flexible communication models, according to SLA service contracts, or on a per-hour basis.

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Our Solutions


We are experts in leading projects that integrate storage solutions brought to you by Dell, one of the world’s leading providers of hardware solutions for businesses. Dell’s variety of innovative solutions enables organizations to make smart investments in storage infrastructure that meets their business and technology needs. This, by leveraging the company’s top-tier innovative and technological capabilities.
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In our technology-rich world, organizations need main servers with superior technological capabilities. Our experts manage projects that integrate the user of advanced servers that centralize all of the organization’s information. Our teams know how to precisely map the organizational needs of entities from any field, and match the right server to the right business, regardless of the sector they’re in. This, so as to empower high-quality performance, flexibility, and efficiency, across the organization’s work processes.
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Communication Networks

Our teams of experts have vast experience in managing complex projects that include the assimilation of communication networks within enterprises across sectors of Israel’s economy. These projects integrate advanced products and solutions that enable organizations to achieve high-level business capabilities based on the latest technologies, together with smart integration, automation, and operations in various environments.
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Backup Solutions

Backup solutions are an absolute requirement, in order to protect sensitive information within organizations, and thwart breaches into the organizations’ networks, which can, in extreme cases, lead the entire organization to collapse. We offer our customers backup solutions that include automatic backups in cloud environments, support through digital transformation processes, secure disaster recovery infrastructure to empower business resilience, and more.
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Workstations are, in essence, extremely powerful computers that are designed to enable the operation of cumbersome business applications, such as: planning and engineering, graphics and 2- or 3-dimensional projects, among others. Yael Group offers Dell Workstation computers that include desktop or laptop computers of various sizes, all which operate at a premium level.
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PCs & Accessories

Yael Group offers desktop and laptop computers, as well as a wide variety of IT accessories, such as: screens, computer cameras, Thin Client workstations, batteries, adaptors, and other technological components that make tech-based business processes more comfortable and secure.
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& Advantages

Computing needs mapping & the assimilation of first-tier technological solutions, for each organization
Decades of combined team knowledge and experience, and a deep understanding of all kinds of hardware products
End-to-end computing infrastructure establishment, and the execution of projects that integrate hardware and software
Consulting, project management, and integration services specializing in infrastructure
Creation of flexible communication models, according to SLA service contracts, or on a per-hour basis
Solutions and support for every work environment and server type: Microsoft, Linux, UNIX
Advanced virtualization solutions, courtesy of Vmware
Complementary IT services and solutions – in-house, or at the Yael Lab
Communications and information security solutions
Out-tasking services
Advanced Dell storage, backup, server, network communication, and workstation services


To open a service ticket and receive a quote for replacement parts, call: 09-9527555

To extend your warranty, email: sharonp@yaelsoft.com or call: 09-9527555