About Korentec

Korentec, part of the Yael Group, is an Israeli company that develops large-scale integrated systems with critical applications. It provides software development solutions to the military and civilian industries in Israel and around the world. The company, active in the Israeli industry for over thirty-five years, is considered a key partner in software projects across various fields, including defense, medical, high-tech, and the semiconductor industry.

Korentec was acquired by the Yael Group in July 2022 and now serves as the group’s trusted arm for developing integrated software and hardware systems, command and control systems, HLS, simulators, and Integrated software systems. The company’s involvement spans the entire development lifecycle, from the initial specification stage through system engineering and testing to final delivery of operational versions to the customer.

A family company founded by Yehuda Koren, a Rafael veteran and winner of the Israel Defense Award, along with his daughter, Anat Yore, Korentec is headquartered in northern Israel but has a nationwide presence and is committed to strengthening technological activity throughout the country.

Korentec has two sister companies: Koren Text, which deals with technical writing and translation services, and K-TEST, which specializes in technology workforce placement. The companies employ a total of over 450 employees, specializing mainly in software development and testing.

The company operates under strict quality standards, including:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 90003
ISO 27001

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Our Solutions

RT - Real-Time & Embedded

Korentec has extensive experience in developing embedded computer systems, which are integrated software and hardware systems designed to perform operations in hardware or on chips using complex communications. This field encompasses software development for test equipment, hardware and software interface design, drivers, card testing, software validation, low-level development, algorithm development, and more.
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Korentec develops unique and complex custom-made software solutions based on the most advanced technologies. Our experience includes hundreds of successful projects in collaboration with defense, medical, high-tech, semiconductor, and other industries. Korentec's involvement has spanned the development of software for air-to-air and air-to-surface missile systems, communication projects in the Iron Dome defense system, the Magic Wand system, the Red Alert system, and more.
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Korentec specializes in developing defense systems, including command and control systems (integrated into missiles, aircraft, simulators, and more), simulators and trainers, RT embedded systems, and software development for various defense and security applications. The company plays a significant role in major projects undertaken by the Israeli defense industry, with its teams partnering throughout all development stages.
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Outsourcing, Consultants, and Experts

Korentec serves as a primary partner for companies, startups, and organizations in Israel and around the world, providing outsourcing solutions with experts in various software models. Our recruitment processes prioritize professionalism and finding the ideal and rapid solution, ensuring an accurate response for the organization while offering a wide range of benefits for the employed professionals.
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Advantages and Services

Partners in successful projects for military and defense organizations, developing Integrated software systems
Expertise in developing embedded computer systems that combine software and hardware
Extensive experience in developing C4I systems for aircraft, missiles, simulators, and test equipment
Specialization in developing simulators and trainers for security forces, civilian bodies, and the medical world
Experience of hundreds of unique and complex custom development projects with the most advanced technologies
In-depth understanding of matching professionals to the required technological and industrial fields


Anat Yore

Co-CEO of KorenTec

Shlomo Yore

Co-CEO of Korentec

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