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The Outsourcing division’s activities include the Yael Group’s management of its Offshore sub-specialty, in Ukraine. The Offshore activities themselves are managed by Yael Acceptic. Its two branches are considered one of the top 10 best places to work in Kyiv, and the top 2 place to work in Kharkhiv, offering offshore software development and research and development services for organizations. Through these services, Yael Group enables Israeli entities to expand their activities in Europe, using offshore employees.


The company employs senior engineers web developers, mobile developers, DevOps professionals, BI professionals, and engineers who are also PhDs in machine learning – experts that are impossible to come by in Israel. Its tens of customers are mostly Israeli technology companies (most of which are startups and computing companies), though some are banking entities, and businesses from other relevant industries. The company manages these companies’ integration in Ukrainian offices, as well as their human resource activities, from recruitment and employee wellness, to cutting through local red tape (legal, taxation, insurance), hosting Israeli teams visiting from HQ, money transfers, payments, and more. This, alongside a direct management model; teams are under each organization’s direct leadership.


Yael Acceptic was established to meet the Israeli market’s demands for offshore services. Ukraine was chosen as the offshore destination due to its low local costs, high volume of local engineers and quality professionals, and a significant shortage of relevant technology talents (across specialties) in Israel. The company enables Israeli entities expanding to Ukraine to leverage unprecedented resources, without having to deal with the local bureaucracy surrounding opening a branch and managing employees abroad.


The company offers its services with a focus on efficiency, experience, innovation, familiarity with the local arena, and an understanding of the requisite business and technological maps, while connecting Israeli entities and organizations to the European destination. In doing so, the company opens its customers’ doors to new opportunities. 


To date, Yael Acceptic employs nearly 200 workers and provides services to tens of organizations operating in Israel and Ukraine.

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& Advantages

The integration of local senior engineers and developers into Israeli and international (Ukraine-based) entities)
Assistance (for Israeli organizations) in integrating into Eastern European business markets
Assistance in assimilating into local markets, in terms of regulation, taxation, insurance, understanding the local business map, etc.
Low development costs; high levels of expertise and availability, provided by relevant professionals

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