About Us

Realcommerce is one of Israel’s standout website and mobile app development companies. Established in 1999 as a web and mobile technology development company, its expansive project portfolio includes first-tier digital projects from as early as the dawn of the internet in the Holy Land.

Realcommerce’s competitive edge stems directly from its employees’ human capital, as well as from its ‘quality above all’ policy. The policy has led to the formation of excellent development teams, capable of successfully bringing the most complex and innovative systems to life.

Understanding that the digital medium is a technological medium, and that technology directly impacts all of any winning digital product’s components – user experience, speed, stability, errors, and lifespan – Realcommerce places special focus on its products’ technological development.

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Our Digital Solutions


Yael Group’s Realcommerce teams are made up of professionals with a deep understanding of large and complex digital systems, and vast experience in core system integration, organizational work processes, the building of projects meant to withstand heavy loads, and stringent information security demands. These capabilities make the company the perfect digital partner for many of the market’s large organizations, including leading banks, insurance companies, e-commerce companies, and retail businesses.
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Mobile &
Web Apps

Mobile &
Web Apps

Realcommerce by Yael Group is an expert in developing value-adding mobile applications for its users. From a technological perspective, we prefer developing open code technologies – especially React Native. The applications we develop provide excel at providing simple, comfortable, and intuitive user experiences that flow, together with precise designs and superior performance.
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The development of digital products requires a deep understanding of the end-user’s preferences, as well as the analysis of the processes they undergo, when using the website or app. Realcommerce defines the user experience (UX) and designs the user interface (UI), thanks to its excellent, in-house studio. Uniq.UI is a boutique studio that is highly regarded in the industry, known for its high levels of professionalism and product quality.
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The Accessibility Law requires organizations to adapt their websites and applications to the Israeli Standard’s requirements. Like any other standard, this one is based on mandatory guidelines, many of which are technology-based. Realcommerce specializes in making websites and applications accessible. This is done directly by writing accessible code, as well as through the dedicated accessibility add-on, User1st.
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& QA

“Da’at” is Realcommerce’s Nearshore arm through which the company offers software development services that leverage digital technologies, as well as outsources software inspections. “Da’at” is a development and inspection center that employs engineers and inspects ultra-Orthodox software. Since 2008, the center has worked with a wide variety of organizations and companies, from large organizations to young technology companies.
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& Advantages

Precise, complex website development, including e-commerce websites and mobile applications
Expertise in accessibility solutions that enable people with special needs and disabilities to navigate websites
UI/UX attribution and design, including professional UX training for organizations
Knowledge on all application types – iOs, Android, cross-platform, and native applications
B2B digital marketing that includes digital strategy, landing page creation, marketing automation, content and community management, e-mail marketing, organic promotion, and more
An Analytics department that parses websites and users to enable improved performance and results
A customer portfolio that includes all market sectors: banks, insurance agencies, investment firms, wholesale companies, communications companies, and others
A team of excellent developers; experienced and experts in successfully assimilating complex projects


Our Team

Sharon Koren

CEO of Realcommerce

Nili Goldstein Davidovitz

CEO of Da’at

Liron Eldar

CEO of Uniq.UI

Ayala Doron

VP Project Development at Realcommerce

May Shoham

HR & Recruitment Manager at Realcommerce

Ori Reshef

VP Business Development & Sales
at Realcommerce

Yael Ayalon

National Development & Team Project Manager at Realcommerce

Alon Hasson

Application and Project Development Manager at Realcommerce

Hila Koren

Development Manager at Realcommerce

48 Menachem Begin St. Tel Aviv, 6618004 |  Tel. 03-6888320