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Until recently, BI and data were synonymous with operational information, the connection of data from various systems, so as to receive a single, authentic portrait of an organization. Today, in the modern world, data, BI, and analytics are synonymous with power, innovation, and capabilities. In a world in which the customer takes center stage, and a future-forward look at the customer’s needs has become a goal, more and more organizations understand that to compete in the market, they must arm themselves with the most advanced (data) capabilities). Organizations of all types and sizes, from flexible and innovative startups to traditionally-inclined public entities, all understand the need to be able to analyze business information, possess BI capabilities, and use BI tools, automation, AI, ML, predictive insights, and other such developments. Here too, Yael Group offers its customers, organization from all sectors of the market, solutions and services within the analytics, BI, and big data fields. From strategy building and attribution, through the construction of data warehouses (DWH), data marts, or virtual data platforms, researching and analyzing data using leading on-premises or cloud solutions, and machine learning, to visualization, using the most advanced front end tools available, we have your data and analytics needs covered.
Our data and analytics solutions for organizations are based on those developed by the global market’s leading brands. Using these revolutionary tools, we enable business entities to significantly improve their operational processes, learn from existing knowledge on the product, as well as from our team’s extensive knowledge, and scale their business offerings and opportunities. We also empower them to understand and decipher potential market trajectories, trends, and consumer behaviors. To enable the projects we manage from sale to delivery to succeed, we integrate out capabilities as a team – expertise in cloud technologies, digital transformation, data integration, data and systems prowess, and deep understanding and experience in the worlds of information security, among others.

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Our Solutions

BI, Big Data
& Analytics

BI, Big Data
& Analytics

Effectively coping with massive amounts of data from multiple sources and organizations’ need for said data’s analysis to generate actionable business insights, is made possible thanks to advaned analytics tools and a high level of expertise. Yael Group’s data and analytics experts lead large projects within organizations, taking care to precisely define any and all Big Data, BI, and data analytics needs, while exuding expertise, when working with advanced infrastructure and innovative cloud architecture.
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Data Science

The data science world makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to predict various processes and changes within the market. Organizations leveraging these tools are able to benefit from a competitive edge. Our experts possess vast knowledge in these areas, and integrate algorithms and statistical models in their activities. We use various data tools, programming languages, and smart analysis to obtain maximum insights from data and its context, when managing advanced projects.
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Our experts guide organizations through challenging data integration projects, integrating information from various sources, by creating a unified database that meets their organizations’ unique technology environments. Different cloud environments, such as GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, serve as the foundation of these projects, which we execute, end-to-end, from planning to implementation, while integration solutions from the best suppliers in the world.
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An increasing number of organizations are facing the technological challenge that is data integration – the creation of a single, unified repository of organizational data. The traditional database building approach made such tasks overly complex, cumbersome, and resource-heavy. Data virtualization is a special data integration technology that enables fast access to data coming from a variety of sources, in one place, and in real-time.
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Yael Group specializes in advanced solutions for marketing, support, and operations management, including consulting, deep attribution, assimilation, and training on leading companies’ marketing automation and campaign management solutions. These solutions enable effective management of marketing efforts, customer journeys, customer-centric marketing, ABM, campaign automation, and budgeting, to empower real-time decision making.
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Web Traffic

Advanced technological tools, known for their ability to analyze user activity across organizations’ digital assets, enable organization’s to maximize their potential and transform any interaction into an actual sale. This involves analyzing user/consumer behavior using leading analytics tools, such as Mixpanel, which supplies information on user engagement. As a result, organizations are able to benefit from simple and visual information that enables them to understand their target audience and achieve marketing and business goals.
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& Advantages

The analysis, needs attribution, and strategy formulation of the organization’s data
Management and execution of large-scale, comprehensive big data, BI, and analytics projects
Data science experts who are proficient in various programming languages and use advanced analysis tools
Solutions for banks and credit card companies that comply with existing market reforms and regulations
Marketing automation projects that integrate the most advanced solutions available
Solutions for the analysis of user activity, across digital assets
Specialization in data tools, such as: operational data store, data governance, data anonymization, and others



Our Team

Orit Kenigsberg

EVP at Yael Group,
Finance & Analytics Division Head

Amitay Cohen

Manager of the Data & Analytics department in the Finance & Analytics division

Guy Ofek

VP Sales in the Finance & Analytics division

Arnona Barlev

Analytics Manager in the Finance & Analytics division

Israel Goudel

Marketing Intelligence Manager in the Finance & Analytics division

Shahar Alvas

Senior VP, Regulation & Database Manager in the Finance & Analytics division