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Smartsoft by Yael Group specializes in supplying advanced information security solutions to large and complex organizations. The many solutions on offer include strong authentication products, access control and permissions solutions, Single Sign On (SSO), malware response solutions, and cyber consulting services.

We remain committed to service that places the end user front and center, enabling them to conveniently access authorized information and instantly perform requisite activities. From our service center, our support team provides personalized services to a large number of organizations. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Presently, the Smartsoft team additionally provides solutions that securely connect employees and suppliers working from home. We continue to nurture partnerships with the world’s leading security companies, including BeyondTrust, Imprivata, and Pcysys.

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Our Solutions

Endpoint Security Access Control

The monitoring and control of organizational data – which is of undisputed importance to the organization’s success – is made possible, thanks to the series of advanced solutions that we offer, which secure a high level of protection, across organizations’ data and assets. These solutions create optimal levels of control over access to organizations’ data, prevent data leaks, reduce the number of people granted access to the data, and protect the data against malicious attacks and theft.
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Thin Client Workstations

These days, many organizations strive to reduce their computing costs by migrating to Thin Client workstations. To avoid purchasing these workstations and adding to their organizations’ expenses, smart organizations turn to SmartSoft for remote secure access solutions. These advanced solutions allow organizations to avoid “double management” by transforming any end workstation into a Thin Client workstation. These workstations are managed from one central location and benefit from a high level of security that empowers significant resource savings.
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Remote Access

Remote Access Control

We integrate the BeyondTrust solution to allow just one secure solution to create a secure, remote connection, while empowering optimal support of systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, as well as network installations, and other Beyond Trust equipment. In doing so, we are able to offer Privileged Remote Access, and a team that manages user access, without having to install a VPN.
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Cyber Solutions

In recent years, cyber security has become critical, for organizations handling sensitive information (and in general). In addition to providing comprehensive Priority data security tools and solutions, Yael Group offers organizations our expertise in the cyber world. This includes guidance and consulting, secure architecture, application security, risk assessments for organizational infrastructure and cloud environments, penetration testing, compliance management, and more.
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Unified IdAM
AM/SSO Login

Unified IdAM AM/SSO Login

Most organizations house vast amounts of computing components and software systems. At the end of this “chain” of inventory are the passwords, which have become every organization’s weakest link. We integrate advanced security solutions for smart password management into our projects, so as to effectively cope with password management risks, and reduce the loan placed on organizations’ Data Security teams – no applications of infrastructure required!
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& Advantages

Information security project management that integrates the world’s most advanced solutions
Comprehensive knowledge on assimilating tools for smart password database management, for organizations
Security tool cost optimization
Cyber consultation services
Guidance and support through the creation of secure remote work capabilities
Management of large-scale projects, by teams of highly experienced information security experts
A service center that provides organizations with 24/7, personalized support

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Our Team

Yoav Hornik

CEO of SmartSoft

Yair Gacitua

Sales Manager at SmartSoft

Yaniv Shalom

Professional Services Manager at SmartSoft