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Yael Group’s outsourcing activities enable prominent Israeli entities to focus on their core business operations, by leveraging the services of experts Yael Group provides. Activities include managed services, guidance and consulting services, dedicated projects, and ongoing maintenance and support for organizational systems. The Outsourcing division employs close to 1,000 experts; their experience extends to a myriad of sectors: banking and finance, healthcare, security, telecom, commerce, and others. Yael Group’s experts work from the Group’s sites, as well as from the customer’s facilities, where they provide comprehensive solutions that help organizations secure their business and competitive edge, upgrade their technology, and drive a rapid ROI. We tailor our outsourcing services to each customer’s needs, and provide professional technological support, courtesy of expert and skilled team members, who work in conjunction with Yael Group’s management team.

Significant investments have been made by Yael Group into the Outsourcing division, ensuring that its team members, integrated into Israeli organizations’ ongoing activities, consistently possess the training and technological knowledge to help them succeed on the customer’s home turf. For this purpose, experts consult the division’s team members, during their tenure as outsourced employees working for our customers’ organizations.

Yael Group offers the following technology service experts: .NET developer, JAVA developer, mobile developer, C/C++ developer, Fullstack developer, front end developer, back end developer, Cobol developer, Natural Adabas developer, Magic developer, Php developer, Python developer, Sharepoint developer, SQL programmer, software tester, automation tester, automation developer, systems analyst, project manager, system professional, system administrator, DevOps developer, data communications professional, information security professional, cyber professional, cyber protection expert, communications and information security professional, cyber architect, integrations professional, support professional/representative, SAP expert, Abap developer, Oracle applications expert, and Priority expert.

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Flexible Service

The Yael Group’s outsourcing services are flexible and can be tailored to suit our client’s needs, both in terms of scope and content; clients can choose between hourly consulting fees or monthly/global payments, partial or full management, etc. Our technology specialists can integrate into various organizations on a short-term project-based basis or on a regular basis. They are fully equipped to integrate seamlessly into an organization’s existing team and take on full responsibility for the development and maintenance of the information systems, whether project-based or complete management of the technological processes. Regardless of the contract model, clients who hire our Outsourcing Division will immediately be assigned a thoughtfully-grouped technological team for the remainder of the assignment. The Yael Group’s Outsourcing Division also manages offshore activities through the Yael Acceptic Company in Ukraine, which provides expert services in software and R&D to companies that are expanding their operations and are in need of additional personnel.
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Training Centers

The Yael Group provides on-site technical support by a skilled team of technical specialists that were trained in our specialized training centers. Our centers provide specialist training abroad, courses, advanced training programs and certification from the world's leading technology companies. With the professional guidance and mentorship provided by our training centers, teams that embark on outsourcing activities acquire a deeper understanding of the systems and a wide skill set to provide a wide range of services. Our experts in software and hardware include information system implementers, senior project managers, system analysts, architects, developers, communication experts, infrastructure experts, system upgrade experts, and more. In addition to the professional training provided by the centers, the Yael Group has partnered with John Bryce, the Israeli Center for Management, and Ness College to create Yael University, a dedicated program with technical courses and training. The support system in place for our employees includes services such as operations and welfare, administrative management, monitoring and reporting, and employee retention, as well as employee welfare on-site at client premises.
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Matching the Expert to the Project

We make it our mission to provide our clients with the best possible support. That means being deliberate in matching our expert consultants to the project at hand; we choose the specialist whose field of expertise, training and practical experience best align with the client and project’s needs. Each team member is chosen from a pool of skilled and professional candidates in our HR database. Each candidate is vetted through a strict selection process, which includes a technical role-based examination, a series of professional interviews, a business and analytical thinking exam, a client interview, a reliability test and more. The entire process is transparent, collaborative and progressive.
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& Advantages

Approximately 1,000 professionals from all technology specialties, including: architects, developers, implementers, testers, analysts, information and cyber security professionals, integration experts, and others
Custom outsourcing services that flexibly meet each customer’s needs, based on several models that vary in terms of scope and content
Specialization and training centers in Israel and abroad; certifications from the world’s leading technology companies
Expertise in data, analytics, integrations, business processes, information security, ERP, CRM, technical writing, hardware, infrastructure, and more
Dedicated training programs, run in conjunction with John Bryce, the Israeli Center for Management, and Ness College
Meticulous matching of each employee to their best-fit project, from within a database of hundreds of technology experts
Guidance of offshore teams via a company that operates in Ukraine


Division Management

Ofir Hazut

EVP at Yael Group,
Outsourcing Division Head

Talia Tesler

VP, Human Resource

Hagit Haviv

Administrative Manager

Riki Hauzer

Sector Manager

Tali Shwartz

Sector Manager

Shiri Koren

Sector Manager

Ilit Sasson

Sector Manager

Bar Sasson

HR & Operations