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The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space refers to the planning or organizational resources in the fields of human resources, operations, finances, logistics, etc. An ERP outlook unifies an organization’s various departments sharing particular processes into a single interface. It then presents a full, integrated image that enables the organization to improve its business performance and monitor activities between companies, on a global scale. As such, ERP systems must be efficient and easy to manage. This, so as to ensure they are easily assimilated, as part of the organization’s protocols and processes.
Yael Group’s first-tier experts possess vast knowledge and experience in the execution, assimilation, and supporting of ERP projects, leveraging the most advanced solutions available on the market to smartly use technology to manage your organization’s assets.

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Our Solutions


The Netcloud Company from the Yael Group specializes in partnering, consulting, and implementing NewSuite ERP in Israel and around the world with a focus on full localization. Netsuite is a Full SaaS ERP solution that includes all parts of the organization- from sales and marketing to finance. It provides a complete financial solution that enables full visibility of organizational processes to make informed business decisions.
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Oracle ERP,
Oracle Cloud

Oracle ERP, Oracle Cloud

The Yael Group has extensive experience implementing Oracle ERP solutions in projects that require the complete package with planning, execution and support- from the infrastructure of technical components to the sales, production, procurement, planning and financial stages- on-premises and cloud. Our implementation projects are led by top experts from a variety of industries and sectors, including accountants, industrial engineers and business specialists.
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Our ERP implementation experts have an in-depth knowledge of Priority, the most common ERP system in the country to date. With experience working with Priority in Israel and abroad on both local and cloud-based servers, our team integrates unique modules and extensions that are perfectly customized to fit the needs of the organization. With a deep understanding of the technological aspects as well as the legal and financial ones, they have what it takes to make any project a success from start to finish.
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ERP Consulting

Due to the complexity and significant costs of ERP projects, it is crucial to choose the right partner for your project. The Yael Group is proud to offer the best and brightest experts in the field as your guides. Armed with a wide range of the leading solutions available in the market today, our team of experts makes sure our clients choose the right ERP software solution for their business.
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Services &

Consulting during the attribution and ERP system selection stages to ensure the best-fitting system is chosen for the organization
Leading of ERP projects, using the world’s leading systems, such as: Priority, Oracle Cloud, and Netsuite
A team of experts who are deeply familiar with the business process: accountants, industrial engineers, etc.
ERP project management in the cloud, using Glide methodologies for quick, efficient, and secure transitions
Localization capabilities, as well as vast experience in executing global projects