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The technological world is racing ahead at lightning speed. Organizations are adopting the most innovative technological solutions to give them a competitive edge. New cloud, digital, big data, data virtualization, AI, and other technologies are being implemented across organization systems. At the same time, many technological tools are reaching the “end of their lives.” Integration is what enables connections and communication between the various systems, so that these processes allow “dialogue” between the old and the new, and that all of the organization’s technological systems operate in seamless synchronicity.

Many fear integration projects, and with good reason. These are some of the most complex and involved projects in the technological world. That said, choosing the right partner with vast experience and a broad perspective of the entire organization and its systems can ensure that integration leads to simplification, rather than vice versa. This is where we enter the picture.

Integration is a world in and of itself. It requires broad perspective and a big picture outlook, as well as deep understanding and learning of the organization, the various integration tools available, and – to implement all of the above – knowledge and experience. Integration processes require re-attribution and strategy that fit and integrate with the organization’s core systems.

Yael Group possesses the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to lead integration projects for entities across the Israeli market – private and public. Our decades of experience include leading complex, success-filled processes across retraining, upgrading, or cloud migration projects. Our tens of experts enable organizations of all types to benefit from close, professional guidance, throughout each project. We serve as full partners during the entirety of the integration projects we manage, from attribution and integration strategy building, to precise integration tool selection. We guide and consult our customers on their every need and throughout every stage. We remain committed to the process in its entirety, taking into consideration the dynamicity and changes that take place within organizations, as well as changes within cloud and technology spaces. We execute cloud integrations with all the large cloud providers – Azure, AWS, GCP – and are compatible with solutions from main suppliers, such as SAP, Salesforce, Netsuite, and others. Our experts will guide you through your data integration, cloud integration, API management, and open banking processes, so you can open your organization to innovative integration technologies, while creating a unified vector for the generation of flexible, adaptive, and managed organizational infrastructure that serves as a central process management platform, including capabilities such as monitoring, control, and testing.

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Our Integration Solutions

Integration & Cloud Integration

Integration & Cloud Integration

Cloud integration solutions were conceived to help cope with complex processes and enable organizations to simply connect cloud-based services to local applications. This birth took place just as many solutions were rendered obsolete, and the need for technological innovation reached new heights. Our cloud solutions for the integration world enable the simple, fast, and secure execution of business processes, while ensuring that all users are granted maximum access to necessary information.
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Our experts guide organizations through challenging data integration projects, integrating information from various sources, by creating a unified database that meets their organizations’ unique technology environments. Different cloud environments, such as GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, serve as the foundation of these projects, which we execute, end-to-end, from planning to implementation, while integration solutions from the best suppliers in the world.
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An increasing number of organizations are facing the technological challenge that is data integration – the creation of a single, unified repository of organizational data. The traditional database building approach made such tasks overly complex, cumbersome, and resource-heavy. Data virtualization is a special data integration technology that enables fast access to data coming from a variety of sources, in one place, and in real-time.
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At Yael Group, our experts allow organizations to adopt a series of advanced API management solutions that can be assimilated into integration and other projects, to power innovative business capabilities. In this field, the right solution will positively influence any platform’s success. As such, these systems serve as the most important factor in the successful development of high-quality API-based programs.
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& Advantages

A team of experts that is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the worlds of integration and complex projects
Leading of cloud-based integration projects, to cope with complex organizational projects
Expertise in managing data integration projects, while leveraging technologically innovative solutions
Projects that integrate API management solutions
Management of open banking projects, in compliance with “Berlin Standard” requirements