About Us

The financial world makes vast use of various technological tools. This is true of financial entities, as well as of business functions from financial perspectives, within any organization, from any field. Complexities within the financial world resulting from extreme competition, expanding globalization, evolving regulations, economic shifts, and technological trends, require organizations that seek to lead the market to adopt the most advanced, comprehensive solutions. In recent years, these changes have made the CFO’s job increasingly more challenging and complex. The CFO is now a central position within the organization, one that requires resilience in the face of technological challenges as well.

Yael Group offers organizations within the local market the best technological tools for finance professionals, as well as access to field experts, consulting services, support, and guidance throughout processes intended to improve organizational capabilities, from financial perspectives. Our solutions help CFOs, accountants, and treasurers successfully complete complex tasks pertaining to their ongoing work.

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Our Solutions

Financial Planning
& Analytics

Jedox is a smart financial planning solution that specializes in planning budgets and cash flows, managing expenses and income, demand contracts, and even manpower. This, while using an AI statistical prediction tool and perfect interfacing with a variety of systems. Yael Group is the company’s exclusive representative in Israel and leverages its technology to manage projects that give organizations a significant advantage, in a highly competitive market.
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Financial Report

A solution for automating financial reports via online interfacing with ERP systems already existing within an organization, so as to consolidate massive amounts of information into a single document and perform improved, digital financial analyses, in real-time, using a spreadsheet server. Designed for accountants and financial managers who seek to perform real-time analyses on data from multiple ERP sources at once – faster and with greater precision.
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We integrate Jedox capabilities to perform full Financial Consolidation of statutory reports and help complete processes requiring regulatory compliance and involving complex mathematical rules, for all of our projects for large financial entities. Using Jedox’s smart engine, we can simulate various business and mathematical scenarios based, in part, on mathematical information, alongside operational data, and present them as KPIs, via a smart, dedicated dashboard.
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Finance Disclosure

The CDM system developed by Certent, which we use in our projects with financial industry clients, is a popular disclosure management system, used to edit financial reports, automate reporting and data from various sources, and enable various entities to work on the same reports at once. Additionally, the system is capable of generating XBRL and iXBRL reports, and serves as the ideal solution for large entities seeking to comply with reporting standards.
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SOX & Risk Management

Yael Group’s consulting and guidance services enable companies to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley standard, which regulates control over business processes within an organization. The service is provided by skilled professionals and enables organizations to adopt the standard while benefiting from alerts on failures, risk and control definitions, internal effectiveness testing, and the optimization of the entire business process.
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XBRL Reporting

Yael Group is staffed with experts who accompany organizations through their adoption of the XBRL standard for precise financial reporting, which requires in-depth knowledge and experience in coding language, upon which the standard is based. Yael Group’s experts are fluent in the financial world’s main standards, and help organizations meet regulatory requirements and gain an advantage in the very competitive financial world.
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& Advantages

Management of financial report and complex financial process automation, to drive organizational efficiency
Leading of projects to assimilate advanced technological tools for the financial world, such as Jedox
Consulting and guidance on risk management
Integration of advanced technological tools, to benefit human resources management
Leading of full technological adoption projects involving international standards pertaining to the financial world
A team of experts with vast experience and familiarity with the worlds of finance, taxation, legislation, and the technology they involve



Our Team

Orit Kenigsberg

EVP at Yael Group,
Finance & Analytics Division Head

Zeevik Peskin

Operations Manager in the Finance & Analytics division

Guy Ofek

VP Sales in the Finance & Analytics division

Idan Peleg

Reporting Finance Solutions
Manager in the Finance & Analytics division

Yigal Schwartz

Priority Manager in the Finance & Analytics division