Projects managed by Yael Group help accelerate business processes and secure organizations’ successful digital transformations, thereby positioning the company as a leading Israeli solutions provider; one with extensive knowledge and significant experience in all technological fields.

Presently, the Group employs over 1,500 workers who develop, implement, and assimilate smart technological solutions, and partner with some of the world’s leading suppliers: Dell, TIBCO, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, and others. The Group manages significant projects that integrate a diverse array of technologies, solutions, and areas of expertise for enterprise entities, government and public companies, finance sector businesses, and companies within the health, security, wholesale, communications, pharmaceutical, and other industries. 

Yael Group comprises a wide variety of technology and information systems companies, enabling the Group to constantly expand its activities.

The Group’s companies and activities include:

  • Yael Software Solutions: Supplies businesses with a variety of software solutions, including API, CRM, cloud, digital, ERP, integration, management, and others
  • Yael Integrated Solutions: Specializes in building and operating computing infrastructure
  • Yael Analytics (formerly known as Actiview): Specializes in BI, Big Data, Analytics, DWH, ML solutions, AI, and data science services
  • Yael IFN: Specializes in document scanning, and the archiving and management of digital documents
  • Yael Finance (formerly known as Tulip): Specializes in consulting and assimilating technology solutions for the finance industry
  • Yael Smartsoft: Specializes in identity management and information security
  • TRIAD Security: Provides consulting services on cyber and information security
  • CloudTech: Specializes in consulting and assimilating Salesforce systems
  • CloudNow: Specializes in cloud computing, migration, and project management
  • Yael Acceptic: Provides offshore software development services from Kharkiv and Kyiv, Ukraine
  • realcommerce: Yael Group’s digital division, specializing in the development of complex applications and portals, in addition to providing B2B digital marketing services
  • NetCloud: Specializes in the assimilation of Oracl’e Netsuite applications
  • Business Platform: The Software division’s Business Applications department. Provides API services
  • Business Applications: Specializes in the implementation of Oracle’s CRM and ERP solutions – on local or cloud infrastructure. Includes expertise in Callflow’s appointment booking systems
  • Korentec: Specializes in the development of large-scale integrative systems with critical applications that combine software and hardware
  • Korentext: Provides end-to-end mechanical engineering services including executive placement, translations and technical and marketing writing

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